Virtual MasterCard or Visa Card – Instant Spending
Virtual cards work just like credit cards except there is no interest due on outstanding balances. The cards are funded with value and the cardholder can use the card up to the prepaid limit. A reloadable virtual MasterCard or Visa card provided by Priority Payout  banking partner can be funded instantly through personal credit , debit card , or an e-money voucher as well as many other payment means and can be used instantly online anywhere MasterCard or Visa is accepted.

We provide through our banking partner a  16 digit card number as well as an expiry date and a CVC code in real time.
The virtual card is then ready for use and can be used anywhere MasterCard or Visa cards are accepted online. It’s safe and private and gives you control over your spending.

Optionally the card holder can upgrade the account with us to a physical MasterCard or Visa card.

Card Features
  • Re-loadable (fundable) at thousands of locations across Europe and via online deposit methods
  • Easy access to card activity online, via sms, and by telephone
Cardholder benefits
  • Immediate funds availability
  • Enables online and mail order purchasing
  • Safe online shopping preventing risks of identity fraud
  • No bank account required
  • Safer than cash
  • Easy access to reports
  • Linked cards for easy and instant transfers
  • No interest or late fees payable