Loading Options
You can load your International PFS Prepaid Card using a number of different methods.
Simply choose the method that is most convenient to you;

Online – Using our online banking platform you can register your Debit/Credit card online and link this card to your Prepaid card. Once you have registered your card you can then load funds directly to your prepaid card.

Via SMS – If you have registered a Debit Card to your PFS prepaid card you can then use SMS to load your prepaid card directly from your debit card. Simply register your mobile phone number in the Edit Customer Details page. Once your mobile phone has been registered you can begin using our SMS functionality.

To Load your Prepaid Card via SMS;
smsText “LOAD <Last four digits of your card number><Amount> to
+44 (0) 7624803759
Example: LOAD 1234 5000

(Note that the amount is expressed in the currency of your Card. So in the example above either £50.00/€50.00/$50.00 was loaded depending on the currency of your card.)

Click here for more information about our SMS functionality.


Load with Cash at the Post Office
post_office_iconYou can load your PFS Prepaid Card with cash in any Post Office branch. To find a branch in your town or region simply click on this link to visit the branch locator facility.

There are over 14,000 Post Offices throughout the UK. Just go to your local outlet and hand the cash you wish to load onto your PFS Prepaid Card to the cashier, along with the card and they will complete the load and provide you with a receipt.
Funds are normally available for use on the card by 10:30am the next day.

Don’t forget to keep your receipt!

Load with Cash at Payzone
payzone_loading_option_iconYou can load your PFS Prepaid Card with cash in any Payzone outlet. To find an agent in your town or region simply click on this link to visit the Payzone agent locator facility.

1. When the page has loaded click on the drop down list titled ‘Please Select from the list’.
2. Select the option ‘pre-pay debit card (top-up)’ from this list.
3. Enter your postcode or Town into the space provided.
4. Enter the security image into the space provided.
5. Click the button marked ‘Find’
6. A list of agents that can top-up your PFS Prepaid Card in your locality will be returned.
7. These agents can then load cash directly to your card.