Gift Cards-Reloadable and Single Load
Gift Cards are the ideal products for individual and company gifts. For individuals they represent a unique and flexible way to provide a gift to someone . With a MasterCard or Visa gift card recipients have the ability to purchase exactly what they want when they want it how they wanted it. This includes travel, dining, clothes or virtually any product or service where MasterCard or Visa is accepted. For companies, giving gift cards can serve as a motivator, for special occasions, bonuses and a variety of awards. Using gift cards is a lot more flexible than giving retailer specific gift certificates and easier and safer than cash or cheques.
How Gift Cards Work
Gift cards are pre denominated MasterCard or Visa prepaid cards. The gift cards, once activated can be used at millions of MasterCard or Visa retailers worldwide just like a regular credit card. The only difference is that there is no credit involved, no interest payable and the available spending amount is pre-set.
Purchaser Benefits
  • Flexible, safe gifting
  • Eliminates unwanted or returned gifts
  • Unique tool to motivate and reward individuals and employees
  • Easy to buy and Easy to give!!
Recipient Benefits
  • Flexible use allows recipients to buy what they want
  • Accepted at MasterCard and Visa locations worldwide
Card Features
  • Fixed denomination prepaid card
  • MasterCard or Visa logo
  • Worldwide point of sale access
  • Custom cards designs available
  • Card activity and balance information available via Web or IVR